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A Smarter Way To Manage Rebates

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Improve the Accuracy of Reporting

Increase Visibility Across Departments

Increase Speed of Data Availability

Without a robust customer rebate management system, you’re leaving money on the table.

Wasting time staring at the cells of your spreadsheets while waiting for the data is an outworn procedure. After collecting data from all the departments businesses still face challenges with reporting and forecasting.

We are here to make it accurate and easier for you.

What Makes Our Rebate Program So Effortless?


Faster Information

No more manual entries or long waits for reports with automated information gathering​

Increased Visibility

Complete visibility across all the departments from sales to finance

No More Surprises

Real time tracking of data lets you know exactly how much money is moving in and out​

End Margin Erosion

Profitability reports drive future rebate decisions and leads to better deal negotiations​

Built for Manufacturers

The right channel can help organizations attain transparency into rebate programs, it builds and scales sophisticated incentives to nurture partner engagement and understand what rebates are working and what needs to be adjusted.
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rebate management for manufacturers

We Understand. We're On Your Side.

Our team at Market Medium has spent several years working with companies just like yours and has seen, first-hand, the complexities of running a successful rebate program. Like you, we were troubled by incomplete solutions. We believe with innovation and automation we can make rebate management easier and end the need for multiple software solutions by providing one platform to handle the entire Partner Experience.

This is why we have used our 25+ years of knowledge in rebate consulting to create our software that has processed over $2 billion in rebates and has made deal management simpler.

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Sit back and watch your confidence in rebate data grow along with your revenue

Improved accuracy in less time with increased visibility leads to better rebate decisions and more revenue

Rebate Management
Easily manage all your complex rebates with one collaborative tool for the entire team, saving valuable time.
Price Management
Build a price based on cost, see all your contributions to net cost. Manage pricing accuracy and consistency across channels.
Margin Analysis
See margins from current promotions and forecast future margins before the deal is approved to maximize profitability.
Calculation Engine
Core engine for incredibly fast calculations which handles millions of complex transactions per day in real-time.
Claims & Deductions
Prevent bottom-line erosion by importing deductions from accounts receivable and provide a platform to research and settle.
Enable special pricing agreements, automate the processing of billbacks to reduce costs, increase speed and accuracy.
Partner Portal
Partners have access to their account statements and calculation details along with promo letters and e-sign documents.
Access snapshot overviews of customer/vendor lifecycle including activities, interactions, agreements, earnings, and payouts.

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Agreement Management
Exclude the need to define new agreements each time.
Approval Management
Access can be given to accept and reject any approval request.
Compatible with any platform.
Auditing & Permissions
Manage activity log and set different levels of permission.
Review your performance, filter, and download all the reports.
Claims & Deductions
Monitor your past performance and visualize the rebate forecast.
Payment Scheduling
Automated invoice and payment scheduling for all your deals.
Performance Tracking
Manage performance reviews, goals, succession & development.
Customizable Names & Features
Needs of each company vary. We are flexible to any extent.
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