About Market Medium

Market Medium makes incentive management simpler, smarter, and streamlined for the modern AI driven era. The intuitive, cloud-based platform encompasses every facet of your business from contract negotiation through payment resolution for both supplier and customer based incentives, closing the loop from sourcing to final sales to consumers and anything in-between that can impact the pricing of a product across the channel. Market Medium is the complete solution empowering collaboration, centralizing data, making the process more transparent, and, ultimately, driving better business outcomes.


Rethink Your Incentive Process

Incentive Agreements

Streamline all possible types of channel incentive agreements from negotiation to calculation of incentives to payment resolution. Model buy side and sell side rebates, market development funds, volume and growth programs, royalty programs using a flexible templating tool and execute with an accuracy and speed unparalleled to any other solution.

Channel Engagement

Manage customer and supplier agreements from one centralized platform. Streamline the contract negotiation process with proactive communication which allow you to renew, extend and revise agreements in real-time. Enable communication of remittances, collection of POS and payment processing from a partner dashboard.

Margin Review

Make smarter decisions using margin review by including both front end and backend margin components that includes allowances, rebates, discounts, freights and any other pricing and cost components that can impact the bottom-line across the channel. Helps decision makers quantify the impact and make more informed opportunity-based pricing decisions.

Deductions and Payments

Take control of your deduction – collect, organize and streamline deduction resolutions. Automate research and resolution of incentive and non-incentive deductions. Auto schedule payments, automate generation and distribution of backups and statements.


Market Medium’s platform is simple: By using our intuitive, cloud-based software, teams can finally see clarity in managing incentives. Here’s how:


Simplify the incentive management cycle, from agreement to payment resolution and every step of the way. Get rid of your spreadsheets, offline communications and the productivity drowning and cumbersome legacy systems.


Seamless collaboration with suppliers, customers, internal and external sales team, line of business is made easy. Conversations, workflow driven notifications, remainders and other user-friendly collaboration tools break down silos and get everyone in the channel connected.


Ensure seamless flow of information with back office and channel partners systems with automations, dashboards and tracking tools. Assign action items to appropriate sales teams and category managers to facilitate a smooth transition from request to execution.


Equip your team with proper knowledge base and an intelligent platform which can provide spend analysis and sales growth potentials. Get full visibility into supplier or customer performance, use the robust reporting capabilities reporting to drive bottom-line business impact and contribute to better outcomes across the enterprise.

Why Market Medium?


Display data in a way that makes sense to you. Helps to make smarter and confident decisions faster. Market Medium UI is a perfect solution for your business.


Market Medium solutions seamlessly integrates with a wide range of ERP applications without any additional hardware or software. Working out-of-the-box, implementation of Market Medium solutions with no added costs to you.


Cloud applications deliver exciting advantages, brings agility and allows to keep up with the pace in technical advancements. We bring the best cloud experience that helps increase productivity and better decision-making capabilities.


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