Efficiently analyze every component that impacts net margins, across both the front-end and back-end of deals. From freight to rebates, discounts, and allowances, Market Medium provides your team with the insights needed to make qualified, data-driven bids and deals.

Features And Benefits

Increase Revenue With Full Cost Visibility

  • Market Medium provides your organization with the mission-critical data needed to reduce front-end and back-end costs, increasing margins across all your channels. Analyze every component of a bid and enable your sales team to offer the right price at the right time.
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs through a better customer, partner, product, and channel mix
  • Detect cost and margin anomalies and implement data-driven solutions
  • Help decision-makers discover cost to payment issues and issue corrective action
  • Optimize margins and increase revenue by focusing on the most lucrative channels and partners

Make Data Backed Decisions

  • With Market Medium bid and margin analysis, you can scrutinize data from customers, partners, and potential deals to find hidden costs and revenue opportunities.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of every bid with automated margin analysis and deep insight into every aspect of the deal structure. Provide stakeholders with the information needed to make timely, data-driven decisions across the entire organization.

Efficient Bid Analysis

  • Market Medium automates the entire bidding process so your team can focus on generating revenue.
  • Eliminate outdated manual bidding and streamline the entire deal process across the front-end and back-end.
  • Enable channel partners to offer competitive bids—at the right time—to maximize revenue for the organization.

Optimize Margins

  • Remove guesswork and analyze every component that impacts margins—from the front-end to the back-end.
  • Enable your sales teams to offer competitive pricing, rebates, and promotions, without impacting the bottom-line.
  • Analyze even the most complex cost and margin scenarios in order to achieve the best outcome for the deal and maximize revenue for the organization.

Streamline Communication With An Intuitive Dashboard

  • With Market Medium’s easy to use cloud dashboard, your team can collaborate on multiple bids from a single pane of glass.
  • Multiple teams can work on projects simultaneously, automate tasks, and ensure that every deal maximizes the opportunity for meaningful revenue generation.
  • Align teams and remove silos, increasing efficiency and reducing redundancy. With Market Medium, your organization can seamlessly manage every aspect of bid and margin analysis in a timely manner with one easy to use cloud platform.

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In the digital era, relying on legacy bid and margin guesswork is no longer good enough. Organizations that want to remain competitive—across every industry—need to invest in solutions to enable teams to keep pace with the rapid rate of digital transformation. Contact Market Medium today for a free demo, and find out how a cloud-based bid and margin analysis solution can help your organization stay ahead of the competition.