Reduce Your Revenue Leakage With Efficient Claims & Deductions Management

Market Medium puts the right tools at your fingertips so you can track, analyze, and resolve claims and deductions quickly and accurately.

Money Left on the Table

Managing claims and deductions from your customers is critical to your business's bottom line. Inefficient processes can lead to long resolution times increasing DDO and causing revenue leakage. While many claims and deductions can be attributed to the cost of doing business, such as rebates and promotions, there are plenty of other causes that can be reduced or simply eliminated through Market Medium channel.

Proactive Management

Enhanced visibility into all claims and deductions providing insight into the cost and root cause of claims and deductions in a user-friendly dashboard.

Increase recovery rates while eliminating preventable and invalid deductions, costly duplicates, and overpayments.

Implementing shorter deduction resolution cycles will reduce the cost per transaction and shorten DDO.

Reduce Revenue Leakage

Centralized repository for customer disputes using flexible rules-based settlement engine to auto-settle claims and deductions.

Insight to root cause analysis, projections, and cost of claims and deductions.

Comprehensive audit trail for all actions and activities performed on claims and deductions.


Workflow and Automation

Easily configure rules for auto settlement of claims and deductions based on reasons, thresholds, reference numbers, and other attributes.

Auto-match and resolve all trade deductions based on eligible promotion balances.

Reduce the number of communication bottlenecks with scalable workflow for collaboration and approvals.

Reduce Your Revenue Leakage in 3 Easy Steps


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