Don’t spend your time setting up and managing customer rebates, spend your time analyzing the results. Market Medium equips you with rebate types so you can quickly and accurately create a variety of incentives including rebates as a percentage of purchases or a dollar amount per unit, rebates with volume breaks and even growth rebates as a percentage of prior period sales. Flexible inclusion and exclusion attributes enable you to target the rebates toward specific customers, customer groups, product lines/categories, geographies and many more.

Features And Benefits

Create, Monitor & Track Rebates to Your Channels

  • Quickly model and track all your customer rebates with Market Medium’s flexible rebate types
  • Eliminate overpayment to customers and reduce revenue leakage
  • Streamline all possible types of channel incentive agreements from negotiation to calculation of incentives to payment resolution
  • Execute and calculate against millions of transactions with an accuracy and speed unparalleled to any other solution

Collaborate with Partners

  • Connect your channels with the Market Medium collaboration platform and dashboards to provide a seamless collaboration with customers, sales teams, brokers and lines of business
  • Engage with your partners through social media chats, workflow driven notifications, reminders and other user-friendly tools that break down the silos to get everyone involved



Lines of Business

Customer Storyboard

  • Use the Customer Storyboard to analyze customer performance across all rebates
  • Effectively analyze and manage the price point of your products
  • Quickly understand your top performing customers
  • Analyze and track your trade spend across products, customers and regions
  • Determine the effectiveness of every rebate. Did it stimulate sales? Did it increase brand awareness?

Customer Deal Management Features

  • Automate from the deal creation to accruals to payment generation
  • Manage all types of rebates from flat rebates, fixed amounts/lumpsums, MDF/Coop, volume and growth
  • Robust calculation engine rapidly processes millions of transactions in just minutes
  • Flexible date model for creating future/what if calculations, real time calculations and back-date/catchup calculations
  • Secure portals enable you to share information and progress of deals and agreements with your partners
  • Scalable inclusion and exclusion rule definition for rebate eligibility (customers/customer groups, products and categories, regions, and many more)
  • Robust approval engine allows for flexible rules and event based triggers so the right people get notified for deal approvals and settlements
  • Customer storyboards for analyzing deal effectiveness
  • Quick and seamless integration with your back-office applications