Simplify Complex Trade Agreements & Create Smarter Customer Rebates

Rebates are an incentive, not a discount—Market Medium allows you to easily create, execute, and track customer rebates to drive revenue while ensuring consistent profit margins.

Trade Agreements Are Complex

Sometimes, insanely complex!​

Finding the sweet spot between incentive and margin is a precarious balancing act, especially if you don’t have all the necessary data. If incentives are set too low, you will not drive sales, if set too high you will destroy your margin.

A spreadsheet is definitely not the right tool for this job.​


Smarter Rebates

Create and manage all types of rebates from flat rebates, fixed amounts/ lump sums, MDF/ Coop, volume and growth.

Target the rebates toward specific customers, customer groups, product lines/ categories, geographies and many more.

Flexible date model for creating future/ what if calculations, real time calculations and back-date/ catchup calculations.

Reduce Revenue Leakage

Automate the entire process, from deal creation to accruals to payment generation, and minimize human error.

Analyze and track trade spend across products, customers, and regions to determine the effectiveness of every rebate.

Eliminate overpayment to customers and dramatically reduce the time for payment reconciliations.


Collaborate With Partners

Customer portals enable you to share information and progress of deals and agreements with your partners.

Customers can log-in to their own secure portal to approve deals, monitor rebate revenue, and check scheduled payments.

Complete and transparent audit trail helps to build greater trust and loyalty which translates to stronger relationships and increased sales.

Create Smarter Customer Rebates in 3 Easy Steps


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Complete Picture

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