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A Better Way To Manage Rebates for Distributors

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The sense of rebates is shifting from marketing and pricing tactics to engagement and understanding strategy. It is essential to define distributor rebate agreements based on volume, value, growth of purchases, or sales of products from multiple locations.

Market Medium helps distributors:

  • Capture various types of rebates from your vendors
  • Identify new product introductions and rebates
  • Meet margin guidelines on sales by accurately calculating dead net costs
  • Pass-through promotions without revenue leakage to customers

What Do the Distributors Want?

Distributors are unique, few are motivated by organization-wide benefits, and some look for short-term benefits. Strategies catering to promoting individual products require a customized incentive to push them.
There is revenue flow from both sell-side and buy-side. Vendor programs should be designed to monitor the cash flow, and customer rebate programs to encourage growth.
The pricing techniques are also too complex for the big players with multiple products.

How About A Partner Experience Program That Takes Care Of All Your Needs?

Fix your damaged process

Optimize and Organize

Made Specially for Distributors


Vendor Rebate

Automated claim calculations with high accuracy that can be tracked whenever required increases the chance of giving in for an unclaimed revenue.

Reduce the financial risks, forecast the programs to improve the growth.


Customer Rebate

To increase loyalty and purchases, rebates must be created, audited, and overall, managed well.

Market Medium will help you with incentivizing growth and loyalty by customizing the programs.



Overstated earnings, overpaying partners, are keys to lose amounts during claim processing.

Stating billbacks based on multiple use cases and monitoring its insights like the performance, ROI, spend, etc is possible through complex analysis designed by Market Medium.

Adapt Only the Best Practices for the Distributor Programs

Analyzing the audience and targeting the rewards strategically, by converting VIP accounts, giving special discounts, or have a personalized promotional marketing program based on the customer is just a click away.

Promotions and organizational goals go hand in hand. Creating a program and tracking will help with revising the revenue.

Tracking the key performance indicators will let us know what exactly is the bullseye.

A platform dedicated to revenue, partner, and program management is designed by Market Medium to make it all as simple as possible.

Get closer to your objective with:

Customizable Rebates

Fast Processing


Improve Your Rebate Program in 3 Easy Steps


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Sit back and watch your confidence in rebate data grow along with your revenue
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