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A Better Way To Manage Rebates for Manufacturers

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Manufacturers rely on multiple vendors and suppliers to stock their products and sell them to consumers, monitoring each segment of it requires powerful and lightweight software like Market Medium which will define a Partner Experience to drive multiple orders.

Market Medium helps manufacturers:

  • Define agreements that help boost sales and help preserve margins
  • Tracking promotional spend across channels and measure promotion effectiveness
  • Streamline deductions processing and prevent invalid deductions

Why Is It Essential for the Manufacturers to Have a Partner Experience Portal?

The manufacturing domain is highly competitive, their partner experience process should be designed to focus on the distributors and customer base.
Increasing the rebate payable visibility to the top management, constant queries from auditors, etc. are few responsibilities that need great attention.
Offers and calculations should be based on lucrative conditions focusing on distributors and consumers irrespective of the volume purchased.

Make Deals More Transparent

0% Disputes 100% Collaboration

Made Specially for Manufacturers


Margin Analysis

Knowing how to calculate and analyze a corporate profit margin gives an insight into the business profitability over time.

Market Medium evaluates internal, promoted, and regular margins for all the products easily with just a few clicks.


Bid Analysis

Make it easy for the buyers to access the bid information in a simple format with comparisons for easy understanding.

Gathering information, formatting, organizing, and comparison all at one place, to improve ease and accuracy.


Partner Shortlisting

Compatibility and commonness between partnering companies, risks, access to the providers, and potential for impact is summarized on the Market Medium platform.

Sit back and let us do these tedious tasks for you.

Complete Control Over Your Business

Manage the programs and special agreements, distributor and consumer rebates, channel records, price strategy, and marketing assets in an inclusive manner to learn the program insight and improve the business growth.

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