For your customer and vendor rebate programs manually tracking and processing payments can be a source of wasted resources and lost revenue. For organizations with heavy trade spend and trade income, inefficient payment management can lead to millions in lost revenue. With Market Medium’s payment management solution your team can keep track of payments across every channel, maximizing revenue.

Features And Benefits

Sophisticated Payment Management
As digital transformation accelerates, channel sales are becoming more and more complicated for distributed organizations. Your team needs an efficient solution to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and settled. Whether you’re collecting monies owed to you by your vendor programs or settling your commitments to your customers, Market Medium’s Payments Management is for you.

  • Minimize human error and missed payments with automated payment management software
  • Ditch spreadsheets and other outdated methods, streamline payment processes, and ensure smooth collaboration across every channel
  • Reduce processing time and improve on time payments through automated payment scheduling
  • Eliminate revenue leakage with accurate payments that align to your rebate and program accruals
  • Advanced reporting provides your team with access to the data they need—when they need it

Automated Payments

  • Our flexible payment scheduling engine automates payments that are aligned to your agreements, whether they are monthly, quarterly, annual or adhoc
  • Process hundreds of payments with a single click and manage just the exceptions
  • Flexible payment rules allow you to define exceptions based on account statuses and invoices paid in terms
  • Easily define approval rules for exceptions, amounts, customers, and many other attributes in the payment process


  • Payment scheduler to automate payments based on agreement terms
  • Robust approval workflow notifies the proper people in your organization’s chart of authority
  • Payments rules to define payment exceptions
  • Payment dashboard to quickly review and organize by payment status
  • Advanced analytics to quickly identify incoming and outgoing payments across your rebates
  • Automated settlement documents to backup payments down to the invoice, line and product level
  • Quick and seamless integration with your AP and AR modules to generate the proper settlements for your trading partners – AP Debit and AR Invoice for Vendor Programs/Rebates – AR Credit Memos and AP Invoices for your Customer Programs/Rebates
  • Analyze and sort payments by channel, partner, geography, spend, and more