Put Accurate & Timely Payment Management on Autopilot

Forget manual operations, go auto-pilot.​

Track payments across multi-channels with ease. Maximize your revenue and ensure that you are not losing millions to inefficient management.​


Human Error and Missed Payments Are Negatively Impacting Your Revenue

If your customer/ vendor rebate programs are still tracked and processed manually, you are clearly wasting resources and revenue. For organizations with heavy trade spend and trade income, inefficient payment management leads to a huge loss of revenue in millions.​

Issue AP Payments

An inefficient AP (accounts payable) process can lead to loss of potential volume rebates and increasing the cost of processing.

To avoid issues due to the system and manual entry and maintain good relationships with your suppliers, Ap issuance is essential.

Your business can make the best of rebates on high-volume purchases.

Manage Deductions

Companies need to evaluate their deductions management process to conclude the reason and validity of the deduction.

A competent deduction management process can help your company increase the recovery rate and decrease the time used up in resolving disputes.


Issue Credit Memos

Deeply understand where the issue arises and help customers see discrepancies with a credit memo.

Save time and money by taking care of the bookkeeping matters involved for the business.

Use Market Medium to generate credit notes to attach to your existing invoice.

Automatic Payment Scheduling

Process hundreds of payments with a single click by using a flexible payment scheduling engine that automates payments as aligned to your agreements.

Easily define approval rules for exceptions, amounts, customers, and many other attributes in the payment process.

Manage the exceptions with payment rules that allow you to define exceptions based on account statuses and invoices paid in terms.


Put Your Payments on Autopilot in 3 Easy Steps


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