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Market Medium allows you to experiment with different pricing structures, discounts, incentives, and more, in order to maximize profits from each deal.
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The Pricing Process Burden

Spreadsheets and inflexible software tools need constant updates of prices due to cost changes, rebates, margin objectives, and other market factors. This process is often prone to errors because it is manual and time-consuming, inevitably causing frustration and lack of confidence in the numbers.

Let Market Medium do the heavy lifting for your business.


Manage Price List

Offering discounts on purchases without long-term value is risky. All incentives need to be calculated strategically.

ROI is the focus of promotional strategy, therefore for businesses, rebates are far more effective pricing tactic than discounts.

If rebates are not used, value-creating behavior is not driven among customers or bigger discounts are given out​.

Review Margin

The best net profit margin for any business is dependent on the industry of the business. Companies with large profit margins have a competitive advantage over other companies in their field.

To review the margins the company is making on sales and noting the profits and downturn is a complex procedure that is taken over by a simple Market Medium functionality  


Calculate Rebates

Design and select a strategy to calculate powerful incentive programs for any combination of commissions, rebates, royalties, billbacks & chargebacks—without difficulty.

Customized for customer and vendor rebates leading to high accuracy and growth.

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