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In a world where the customer is the king and customer expectations are increasing, the evolution of longer-term consumer loyalty strategy for retail stores will continue to accelerate. Market Medium ensures that the product is driving profit by strategizing a rebate program.

Market Medium helps retailers:

  • Define complex promotional agreements on purchases and sales
  • Protect margin by accurately considering backend programs and defining correct pricing
  • Collect rebates from vendors on time
  • Prevent margin leakage

Made Specially for Retailers


Specialty Discounts

Sales can be boosted for the underperforming products with the right kind of discount. To spot incorrect selling prices is also a key. This will, in turn, help in correct pricing and choosing the best discount considering the ROI.

Customer Rebate

Customer rebates can be based on a number of criteria like the type of item purchased, quantity, the day/time of purchase, having combo offers like buy 3 get 1 free, or by giving a flat discount of a certain percentage for certain projects. The key is to monitor them and get the maximum benefit of it.


Reach customers when they need you instead of waiting for them to reorder the products by accessing Auto shipments. Deliver weekly, monthly, or yearly based on the plan by auto-renewing the previous package deal.

We Keep Track of Everything a Retailer Needs to Improve the Sales Performance

The first step of every program is to understand the customer goals and optimize it with the targeted profiles. 

It is also important to comply and improve the current plans for the existing customer. Collecting the data and understanding the cash flow by taking advantage of the automated systems dashboard is just an upgrade away. 

Market Medium strategically alters all the essential points to increase the company's revenue and profit. 

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Sit back and watch your confidence in rebate data grow along with your revenue
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