Get Paid What You’re Owed Using Smarter Management of Vendor Rebates

Stop leaving your money on the table. Improve visibility into your vendor rebate programs with Market Medium to gain control of your vendor programs and significantly increase profit margins.
Vendor Rebates

Millions of dollars of earned rebate revenue go unclaimed every year.

Tracking and claiming money owed from vendor rebate programs is a key source of revenue for a company. However, managing complex vendor programs are not only time-consuming and typically inaccurate, but small miscalculations can also let revenue slip away and erode your margins. 

You need the right tool to maximize vendor rebate revenue.


Vendor Deal Management

A robust approval engine allows for flexible rules and event-based triggers, the right people get notified for deal approvals and settlements.

Execute and calculate against millions of transactions with accuracy and speed unparalleled to any other solution.

Reduce communication bottlenecks with scalable workflow for collaboration and approvals.

Analyze Vendor Programs

With self-serve UI you can create agreements in bulk with ease, automatically prepopulate relevant data to complete program setup.

Automate the entire process, from the deal creation to accruals to payment generation, minimizing human error.

Set up multi-level workflows to approve deals and programs with an extensive audit trail of the same.


Increase Rebate Revenue

Simulate calculations as per the deal setup to see how effective your programs are and modify it if needed.

Analyze and track your trade spend across products, customers, and regions to determine the effectiveness of every rebate.

Eliminate overpayments and dramatically reduce the time for payment reconciliations.

Increase Your Vendor Rebate Revenue in 3 Easy Steps


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