Tracking and capturing money owed from vendor rebate programs is a key source of revenue for your company but managing complex vendor programs is not only time consuming, small miscalculations can let revenue slip away and erode your margins. Improve the visibility into your vendor rebate programs with Market Medium and gain control of your vendor programs to get the most value. Market Medium offers a seamless integrated solution to your ERP that streamlines the vendor rebate process from deal creation through transaction capture and accrual to automatic payment reconciliation.

Features And Benefits

Create, Monitor & Automate Vendor Programs

  • Take advantage of Market Mediums robust toolset to model, track, and analyze your performance against all your vendor programs
  • Understand your purchasing programs and capture all monies owed to you by each vendor program
  • Execute and calculate against millions of transactions with an accuracy and speed unparalleled to any other solution
  • Improve cash flow by automating payment requests so you can ensure timely payments
  • Identify your best programs and invest your time and dollars there
  • Manage hundreds of vendor rebates with ease

Collaborate with Partners

  • The Channel Connect platform and dashboards provide a seamless collaboration with vendors, buyers and line of businesses
  • The platform connects the channel through social media chats, workflow driven notifications, reminders, and other user-friendly tools that break down the silos to get everyone involved



Lines of Business

Vendor Storyboard

  • Use the Vendor Storyboard to analyze your performance across all vendor rebates
  • Quickly understand your top revenue generating vendor programs
  • Visualize your net revenue from vendor programs throughout the year
  • Recognize where you are with your growth programs so you can align your spend with your goals

Vendor Deal Management Features

  • Manage all types of rebates with our flexible rebate models including flat rebates, growth/volume rebates, chargebacks, and Coop & MDF
  • Robust calculation engine rapidly processes millions of transactions in just minutes and automates the accruals generated from your sales and purchase/receipt transactions
  • Automated payment generation and scheduling to ensure timely cashflow
  • Robust approval engine allows for flexible rules and event based triggers so the right people get notified for deal approvals and settlements
  • Flexible modelling for creating future/what if calculations, real time calculations and back-date/catchup calculations
  • Secure portals enable you to share information and progress of deals and agreements with your vendors
  • Scalable inclusion and exclusion rule definition for rebate eligibility (vendors, products and categories, regions, and many more)
  • Vendor storyboards for analyzing deal effectiveness
  • Quick and seamless integration with your back-office applications